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Welcome to The Language Toolbox!

Tilka Brown

My name is Tilka and I’m an extremely passionate advocate for Languages Education. I believe that learning an additional language is more than a privilege; it is a necessity and the educational right of all students in our multicultural society. I believe that all children everywhere deserve to experience the MAGIC that comes with learning another language!

I travel to many different schools – all over the world – where I’m blessed to meet and work with hundreds of beautiful children and their teachers, inspiring them to be the very best version of themselves. I provide classroom teachers with effective ‘tools’ in order for them to easily, successfully and confidently support their schools’ Language Program and I conduct magical motivational lessons for students; showering them with light and love and teaching them the skills needed for developing high levels of self-belief and respect. Learning another language can sometimes be daunting and mistakes are inevitable… But overcoming this fear of making a mistake is precisely when the magic occurs! This is all part of the learning process!

And so, what does the Language Program look like in your school? Does it sparkle and shine? Are your students receiving the recommended 250 minutes of language learning per week to become competent?
I can show you how easy it is to incorporate engaging language-learning activities into your classroom!

Tilka Brown

Starting somewhere and starting small, is better than not starting at all!

~ Tilka Brown xx