Stella Schools

We are at a time in history when it has never been more important for the world’s children to become skilled in bilingualism.

Our education systems and our schools therefore have an incredible responsibility to ensure that quality additional language programs are delivered to their students.

These children must develop strong language skills and an established multicultural awareness that will allow them to become effective global citizens.

For these skills to develop however, the students must first become highly engaged and motivated to learn!

‘Stella Schools’ is a celebration of highly engaging language programs, from schools all around the world! It serves as a platform in which teachers and school leaders are recognised for their outstanding contributions towards language teaching and learning. More emphasis and praise is needed for these teachers who teach this crucial part of the school curriculum!

I visit schools and document the various innovative methods in which the language(s) are taught, highlighting achievements and sharing the many successes. Lesson ideas, whole-school celebrations and interviews with students, teachers and school leaders are included in the articles.

By showcasing each Stella School, I hope to inspire and encourage other teachers and school leaders to enhance their languages programs for the benefit of the world’s future leaders!

Starting somewhere and starting small, is better than not starting at all!

**If you think your school is a Stella School and you would like to share the success of your Language
Program, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

~ Tilka Brown