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This collection of links are for sites that contain various articles and research findings about additional languages. Please note that full credit is given to the authors of these articles and that my intention for sharing these here is to raise awareness for the benefits of additional language learning.

Classroom Activities

Tilka Brown

Vocab Stairs

These are ‘Times-Tables Stairs’ but the same idea can easily be applied for language learning. I’m thinking ‘Hiragana or Katakana Stairs’ for learning Japanese or even colour-coding the steps according to your language program and making ‘Vocab Stairs.’

Tilka Brown

Sentence Sorting

This an activity for enhancing knowledge of sentence structures and vocabulary. Students work in pairs to correctly arrange an envelope of words and phrases and they then check their answers themselves (rather than the teacher always being the ‘keeper’ of knowledge). This activity can be easily modified to suit all levels, learners and languages!