Tilka, you are an amazing person! Thank-you for being awesome and making a difference in the world.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch someone who does not speak Mandarin, teach a Mandarin class! There are so many possibilities with CLIL! Many thanks to Tilka and The Language Toolbox for helping me gain valuable confidence in my teaching.

Chinese Teacher, Victoria, Australia

Tilka is an amazing and magical person. Her enthusiasm and passion truly is an inspiration. She believes in what she teaches and is always there to help her colleagues. Her love for what she does is so encouraging!

English Teacher, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Tilka is really one of a kind! Such a warm, friendly, considerate person, she likes to take care of others and she is willing to share her experience with others! She added quite a lot of magic everywhere…besides, she is Magical! Oh, how I wish she were my childrens’ teacher…

English Teacher, Athens, Greece

I have worked with Tilka Brown from The Language Toolbox for many years in establishing a state-of-the-art Languages Program at an inner-suburban Government Primary School in Victoria, Australia. We’ve gone from weekly lessons of 50 minutes to having class teachers work with our Italian specialist to develop and implement CLIL units which are now being taught across the school. Tilka created the pathway and provided the leadership, through the introduction of CLIL units, for this to happen.

School Leader, Victoria, Australia

The Language Toolbox is a wonderful way to incorporate language into the classroom. Tilka is such an amazingly dedicated teacher and so incredibly thorough in ensuring language is intertwined through curriculum.

Classroom Teacher, Melbourne Australia

I am so glad I have met Tilka in my travels. She is that bright and bubbly teacher we all wish we could have had at school!
Always sparkling with ideas and passionate about joyous learning. (Her own and others.)
She never underestimates the value of following your heart.
Her soul is not just positive, it’s radiant. Her smile is contagious!
We all need to laugh more. What lovely people I get to meet in my job!
Thank you Tilka for all your language assistance and advice with my Two In One DIY Bilingual Book  ‘Whose Animals?’ Australia.

Tilka’s mission is vitally important – she is here to remind us of the many cognitive and psychological benefits of foreign language learning. She is passionate about improving foreign language learning outcomes for all students and offers schools a range of professional learning services, sharing her great ideas and effective strategies. Tilka also helps teachers plan for powerful foreign language learning within existing units of work. Tilka’s ‘The Language Toolbox’ offers a wealth of practical language learning resources, ideas and inspiration.

What a great innovation in the teaching of Languages throughout the world! Tilka has great expertise to share that will work in your school and classroom!

School Leader, Victoria, Australia

I truly love working with Tilka as she is a passionate problem-solver who embraces new challenges and enjoys working hard. The Language Toolbox is an excellent platform for up to date professional dialogue about innovative language learning in lots of different contexts. Overall, a breath of fresh air that promotes a love of learning and teaching languages!!! Vielen Dank und weiter so, liebe Tilka!

German Teacher, Victoria, Australia

We were so privileged to have Tilka with us in Lempäälä Finland. It was so great to hear her inspiring thoughts about teaching.
‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
That’s you Tilka!

School Leader, Lempäälä, Finland

The amazing Tilka has taught both of my children. Both loved her enthusiasm and her ability to teach to their point of need. Master 10 still says his favourite thing was Glitter Fridays!

Parent, Victoria, Australia

How amazing, and how very moving. I am in awe of your work with these children, Tilka!

Mem Fox, Cherished Australian writer of children’s books

Thank you Tilka I liked having you as my teacher it was always colourful. I miss you.

Former student, Victoria, Australia

Tilka is one of the most passionate, inspiring, enthusiastic and incredible educators I have ever met. She brings out the best in all the students and staff that have the experience of working with her. She lives and breathes The ‘Language Toolbox’. She is always positive, optimistic and sprinkles magic into everything she does!

Classoom Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

Tilka has been one of the most amazing teachers and people I have ever come across. She is incredibly dedicated to her students ensuring everyone feels valued and well supported. Learning with Tilka was always fun. I have many happy memories of Glitter Fridays and in particular, she made a world of difference to my creative writing and communication skills. I found a great love of learning with Tilka!

Former student, Victoria, Australia

It is always wonderful and refreshing to meet someone as positive and open as Tilka. She is full of passion, energy and love for children and her job and it is truly inspiring. We teachers need that boost of energy from time to time. This morning, during her class, she reminded me of the reasons I became a teacher and I thank her for that.

English Teacher, OŠ grofa Janka Draškovića, Zagreb, Croatia